Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Week of April 23-26

Families of 4C,

It’s hard to believe the final quarter is more than half over. I have been eagerly anticipating our upcoming units of study!

Keep an eye out for regular grade reports being sent home for the final weeks of the quarter.

A.T. Still University Field Trip
Last year, one of our excellent fourth-grade teachers has been accepted to A.T. Still University for med school and had connections to the university because her brother had gone there. She reached out to them, and they put on a wonderful learning experience for the fourth-grade students last year.

This year, with the help of Ms. Allgood, whose husband is one of the teachers at ATSU, helped set up the trip again this year. The trip is scheduled for May 2nd.

There are some things that make this trip different.

  • First, because this trip is so brief and contained, we do not have chaperones attend this trip with us.
  • Second, because we have already taken our field trip, families have to cover the cost of this trip. Because ATSU graciously allows us to visit for free, we only have to pay for the bus. The cost is $7 per student (families with financial difficulties should inform the teacher).
  • Third, we only get one bus because the university is located at Recker and Baseline. If it wasn't for the business of Baseline's traffic, we would likely walk. Thus, the students are taken to and back in shifts.
  • Fourth, the students don't need to bring any money or a special lunch. There is a store on campus, but I don't think they have anything the students need to purchase. They will also be back before lunch so they can bring a normal lunch or have hot lunch.

Please have your child return the permission slip and $7 (cash or check) on Tuesday. If your child is absent on Tuesday, they can return it when they get to school. If your child cannot attend the trip, please do not return the permission slip or pay the fee.

If you have any other questions about the trip, please feel free to let us know. The students seemed very excited about the virtual lab and large models. It is a great way to learn about the human body and really supports what they learned last year (muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems) and this year (circulatory and respiratory systems).

Spring Concert
Our Spring Concert is quickly approaching! It will be at Higley Center for the Performing Arts on May 1st.  Students’ attire for our performances is NOT school uniform. Gentlemen are expected to wear a white dress shirt, black pants, black socks and black closed toed shoes. Solid dark colored vests and ties are optional for gentlemen. Ladies are expected to wear a white top, black skirt and black closed toed shoes. Please have your 4th graders at Higley Center for the Performing Arts by 6:30pm.

THANK YOU to Mrs. Nicole Burns for putting on a concert clothing exchange. She has collected concert attire from students that have outgrown their concert clothes. If you would like to participate in the exchange by either donating concert uniforms or receiving articles of clothing, please contact Nicole at: nikki.burns@hotmail.com

Please visit aretek-2music.blogspot.com or email jweddle@archwayarete.org for questions regarding the concert!

With allergy season in the air, our class has been going through tissues quickly. If you are willing and able, any donations of tissues would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Weekly Lessons:

Math: Students will be reviewing geometry concepts previously taught and will be learning new geometry concepts, such as nets of geometric solids.  Students can expect to have regular unit exams again in addition to their weekly quizzes.

Literature: Students will continue our final literature book of the year, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Spalding: This week, students will be studying their next 21 words, meant ----- apply. We will typically study 30 words every week; however, this is subject to change by a word or two from week to week depending on word groupings. A family member should dictate the words to the student each night for homework. Students will review words on Thursday and take the final test on Friday.

History: During the third quarter, students learned how patriots fought against tyranny to gain their independence. Once the colonists defeated Britain, the challenge turned to how they should govern themselves. Students will have their test on chapters 1-10 on Friday. All quizzes and tests are open-note. Signers’ Project presentations will be this Wednesday, April 24.

Science: This week, students will learn about heart-healthy foods and diets, and will be taking their unit exam on the circulatory system on Thursday.

Poetry: Students are practicing their memorization of the Preamble to the "Constitution of the United States." Recitation for this will be Friday, April 26. We have been reciting this as a class every day after the Pledge of Allegiance, so there should hopefully be no issue with students being prepared.

Greek and Latin Roots: Students will continue to learn new Greek and Latin Roots and quiz on previous roots every Wednesday. This week’s quiz will be over roots 88-90.

-- Mrs. Conforti